proudly presented by Kristina. 


  • Featured to over 7.5 M people in The China Post, Yahoo! Taiwan, CHOPSO, Home Run Taiwan, and NowNews 

  • An Untamed Artist amassed 100k+ views across Youtube and Facebook

  • 2020 New Taipei City National Student Film Awards, Best Picture from 470+ works

  • 2019-2020 Annual Scholastics Region-At-Large Art Award, Two Honorable Mentions

  • 2019 All American High School Film Festival, Best Film. Nominated Best International Film & Best Director 

  • Admitted into Taiwan's National Documentary Film Archives

About Kristina 

Starting in my freshman year of high school, I have traversed the southeast coast of Taiwan, home to a majority of our 16 indigenous tribes.


Across Taitung, I interviewed indigenous individuals and documented their unknown stories to honor their lives in an age where indigenous heritage is rapidly vanishing.


3 and a half years later, I have dedicated up to 300+ hours conducting interviews, filming, editing, researching, and supporting indigenous empowerment in the media. 

I am humbled by the lives these individuals lead and the communities they have built. Through film journalism, I hope to continue to disrupt harmful indigenous narratives in the media and diversify representation for marginalized communities.